The mission of Gelalentejo is to fully satisfy its customers.
The world of industrial cold is a passion of Mr. Clemente da Costa.
Moved by this passion and in order to satisfy the cold market needs, in 1972 he created in the centre of Lisbon, his first company, under the name of Clemente da Costa.
Due to the expansion of the cold market in Portugal, later in 1985 a second company was created, Fricol Lda which in addition to automaker/installer also had some cold stores in various locations.
In 1986 Mr. Clemente da Costa invited Mr. António Mendes Torrado, to acquire the old premises of Gelmar in Montemor-o-Novo, which were already disabled and closed, with the aim of creating a cold store warehouse in the Alentejo, as it came to succeed.
Later in 12/16/1986 Gelalentejo Lda was created and dedicated, as it always as been, to cold storage. 
Over the years and with the former facilities (Gelmar) become obsolete and outdated it was necessary to create new facilities in the industrial zone with more space (area and volume) and conditions to fully satisfy the needs of our customers.
The Gelalentejo is a small company, a family type provider of cold storage services that was born through the hands of Mr. Clemente da Costa, being their priority to exploit and monetize their own cold stores, although never excluding the chance to build more, better and larger areas, to better serve our customers.
The Gelalentejo provides 13 multipurpose cold storage (chilled - positive temperature and frozen -  freezing temperature), with volumes from the 54 cubic meters up to 7,700 cubic meters, equipped with fixed and/or mobile shelving racks. Several ice production machines: cube, scale and bar. Ante-chamber with various electro-hydraulic ramps to adjust to refrigerated vehicles. Parking parks for trucks and cars, and offices to lease.

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